Feral Claw Marks

By request: "Feral, but make the letters look like claw marks." For all of us rebellious women, wild girls, riot grrls, and other femmes who refuse to shut up and do as we're told. Did you come out of lockdown just a little less willing to put up with BS? Are you still in lockdown and getting a little scratchy around the edges? Are you absolutely fed up with the status quo? This collection is for you!

My friend Sonja, who gave me the idea for this design, has chosen Diabetic Cats In Need as the beneficiary charity to receive 20% of proceeds from all of our Feral merchandise.

Do you have a design idea you'd like to see me execute? If you do, let me know, and if I make merch with your design, YOU get to choose the charity it benefits (and you get a big fat at-cost coupon to get yourself any one thing with your design on it)!